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Examenes comprensión oral y escrita

Desarrollamos "items" para los examenes de comprensión oral y escrita para examenes de SLP usados para determinar el nivel de destreza en las habilidades pasivas de comunicación según STANAG 6001 usado por la OTAN.

Hacemos "items" en inglés y francés.

A continuación encontrarás una muestra de cada tipo de "item". El primero es de comprensión oral para nivel 2 (Funcional), el segundo de comprensión escrita para nivel 3 (Profesional)

Listen to a radio presenter talking about “Humans of Minneapolis” (Code: INJS206006; 55 seconds Level 2 Listening Comprehension)




Stephany Glaros was inspired to create “Humans of Minneapolis” by…


  1. people like Joe.

  2. humans of Minneapolis.

  3. a blog about people in New York.

  4. regular people she met doing her job.


Respuesta correcta: 3

A letter to the editor (Code: INJS206005; 137 words Level 3 Reading comprehension)



evidence is mounting that the costs of HS2 (UK’s new high speed rail network) are spiralling, and the prospect of payback is receding into never-never land.

Having heard convincing arguments that there is little or no value in travelling time saved – since businessmen can work efficiently on the train – Chris Grayling, the Transport Secretary, says: “It is not about speed. It is about capacity.” In which case, why cut a scar across the English countryside, let alone cause havoc with infrastructure near the London terminal?

Has the Government thought about more cost-effective ways of increasing capacity, such as resurrecting the Great Central Line (as suggested by other readers)? It is going blindly on with this pet project – on the basis, it seems, that France and Spain have got a high-speed line so we must have one.


This reader seems to believe that the reason to continue investing appears to be…


  1. Because France and Spain have one, so “we” should too.

  2. Because it will increase the numbers of passengers.

  3. Because it will improve efficiency by saving time.

  4. Because the investment will be easily recuperated.


Respuesta correcta: 1

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